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Game Theme

Dragon-themed slots are not lacking on the casino market; in fact, there are several hundred. However, SimplePlay brings some level of individuality to its release by combining the fantasy world along with its living creations and the fantastic wildlife of our real-life planet. White tigers are far less common than the traditional Bengal tiger, so to get a glimpse of one of these is magic in itself. SimplePlay uses this rare breed to its advantage by giving this game a really bewildering atmosphere. The beings are accompanied by dense forest and mountainous terrain, taking us a million miles away into the Oriental rainforest. The slot is actually far more spiritual in character than it is Oriental.

Graphics & Sound

Much like SimplePlay's other slots, the layout of the reels in this game conforms to their usual design - a 5x3 matrix with controls beneath and progressive payout details listed to the right side. In terms of its aesthetic appearance, the game is indeed very attractive to look at. The greens of the leafy forest, the ivy entwined around the letters, the eerie beauty of the two beasts... it all works quite well and creates that extraordinary look that we were hoping for after hearing quite a mundane name.

As the canopies stretch as far as the eye can see, it's easy to get lost in the picturesque views, but when you do focus your attention to the reels, you'll find, as mentioned before, a series of card letters, the dragon, the bleached tiger and a collection of enchanted stones before you. Even the Play buttons at the bottom right of the screen resemble ethnic jewels, so a sense of spirituality can be felt in the air. It begs the question: is it possible for ethereal and material worlds to collide?

Dragon Tiger Slot


Hit the play button and start spinning those reels to find winning combinations. You can discover which symbols are worth how many coins or credits by visiting the pay table, something we recommend you do before starting to play any game, whether you're playing for free or with a real wager. This gives you a chance to understand the game and how to win. What's more, playing a demo can help you to see the gameplay first hand before committing to the slot.